Die nacht kurz von der wäldern

performed in german

by Bernard-Marie Koltès translation from french by Simon Werle directed by Antonio Latella with Clemens Schick costume designer Graziella Pepe music and sound design Franco Visioli light design Simone De Angelis movement Francesco Manetti dramaturgy Catherine Schumann assistant director Daniele Fior production Brunella Giolivo management Michele Mele produced by spielzeit’europa | Berliner Festspiele, stabilemobile première October 11th, 2011 - Teatro Carignano Turin - Prospettiva 150
© Brunella Giolivo

Die nacht kurz vor den waldern by B. M. Koltes is the very first show produced by stabilemobile and the idea born within the Berliner Festspiele. Words that flow like a river brought on stage by Clemens Schick, a performance that guides us through the events just like the foreign character in the text in search of a place to stay.