Die Wohlgesinnten

performed in german

by Jonathan Littell german translated by Hainer Kober directed by Antonio Latella dramatized by Antonio Latella and Federico Bellini with Thiemo Strutzenberger, Steffen Höld, Barbara Horvath and Maurizio Rippa stage and costume designer Moira Zoitl, Ralf Hoedt music and sound design Franco Visioli light design Simone De Angelis dramaturgy Brigitte Auer, Francesca Spinazzi assistant director Katrin Hammerl assistant dramaturgy Matthias Male co-assistant director Felicitas Pilz co-assistant costumes Alana Reimer production Schauspielhaus Wien in collaboration with stabilemobile première October 4th 2013 - Schauspielhaus Wien
© Ralf Hoedt

With The Kindly Ones Littell offers the unique chance of hearing Max Aue’s personal point of view – a young official of the Secret Services. A show in which moral judgement on National-socialism is left unspoken: the characters move within private and public spaces that echoe those of Greek tragedies, along with the myth of Electra, Pilade and Orestes.