A. H.

directed by Antonio Latella dramaturgy Federico Bellini and Antonio Latella with Francesco Manetti stage and costume designer Graziella Pepe light design Simone De Angelis assistant director Francesca Giolivo sound technician Giuseppe Stellato production Brunella Giolivo management Michele Mele produced by stabilemobile coproduced by Centrale Fies in collaboration with KanterStrasse/Valdarno Culture special thanks to Manetti Italia première July 26th, 2013 - MEIN HERZ - Dro
© Brunella Giolivo

A. H. tackles the origins of hatred, starting from the biggest twentieth deception: the birth and establishing of National-socialism. What would happen if we were to remove the moustache and alter the portrait of Adolf Hitler? Perhaps we would see a common man, whose evil character is a natural part of his being.