directed by Antonio Latella dramaturgy Linda Dalisi with Candida Nieri stage designer Giuseppe Stellato costume designer Graziella Pepe music and sound design Franco Visioli light design Simone De Angelis assistant director Francesca Giolivo production Brunella Giolivo management Michele Mele produced by stabilemobile coproduction Festival delle Colline Torinesi in collaboration with Centrale Fies, NEST première June16th 2015 – Torino, Teatro Astra – Festival delle Colline Torinesi Duse Social Award 2015 - Candida Nieri
© Brunella Giolivo

After being inspired by the topic of motherhood present in the poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini, one of the most important poets of the twentieth century, Antonio Latella came up with the show MA: from the very first syllable of the title – that refers to the word “mother” – the show takes the audience deep in the heart of matter, and through the work of Pasolini the concept of “motherhood” is extended to writing. As a result, knowledge becomes a reliable possession and speech a winning element in the battle for life.