Elettra, Oreste e Ifigenia in Tauride

performed in russian

by Euripide directed Antonio Latella dramaturgy Staryj Dom translations by Iuliia Zaitceva and Liana Vinokurova with Svetlana Marchenko, Anatoliy Grigoriev, Olesya Kuzbar, Grigoriy Bolonev, Larisa Chernobaeva, Irina Popova, Vitaliy Sayanok, Tatyana Shulikova, Sergey Drozdov stage and costume designer Graziella Pepe coreographies Francesco Manetti sound design Aleksandra Kirshina light design Valeriy Klimov co-assistant director Irina Smolyakova assistant director Anna Zinovieva produced by Staryj Dom, stabilemobile première March 1st, 2012 at Teatro Staryj Dom, in Novosibirsk Paradise Award in 2013 - Best theatrical project, Best part Georgiy Bolonev, Audience Award
© Andréj Shapràn

The first show produced with the Staryj Dom theatre in Novosibirsk and final result of a broader formation program. This trilogy, which was presented at the Meyerhold Center in Moscow, brings forth the artwork of Antonio Latella and confirms the presence of stabilemobile in Russia. The show is currently a part of the theatre’s repertoire.