Graduated in Music Production at Recording Workshop, OH, U.S.A. in 1987. Since 1988 he has successfully worked over more than 100 productions in the major Italian and foreign theaters with some of the most important directors like Thierry Salmon, Peter Stein and Massimo Castri. With Massimo Castri he got a stable artistic relationship since 1989 cooperating to all the shows featured by the director. He has worked with artists and professionals such as Cristina Pezzoli, Agnese Cornelio, Marco Plini, Pietro Faiella, Marcello Cava, Stefania Felicioli, Tommaso Tuzzoli, Franco Palmieri, Monica Conti, Linda Dalisi, Katrin Hammerl, Irene Di Lelio, Giuseppe Stellato. In 2002 he met Antonio Latella with whom he began an artistic collaboration that will lead in 2011 to the foundation of Stabilemobile. He has supervised for Rai Radio 3 the direction of Totò il Buono (2006) and Francamente Me Ne Infischio (2014). In 2017, for La Biennale Teatro di Venezia, directed by Antonio Latella, he keep, together with Letizia Russo, the masterclass dedicated to the German artist Unica Zürn.