By Torquato Tasso

directed by Antonio Latella
with Michelangelo Dalisi, Emanuele Turetta, Matilde Vigna, Giuliana Bianca Vigogna
dramaturgy Linda Dalisi
set design Giuseppe Stellato
costume designer Graziella Pepe
music and sound design Franco Visioli
light design Simone De Angelis
movement Francesco Manetti
assistant direction Francesca Giolivo
production Brunella Giolivo
management Michele Mele

production stabilemobile
in collaboration with AMAT and Comuni di Macerata e Esanatoglia in the context of “MarcheinVita.

Lo spettacolo dal vivo per la rinascita dal sisma” project by Mibac and Regione Marche coordinated by Consorzio Marche Spettacolo

Antonio Latella’ suggestions about Aminta by Torquato Tasso, lead stablemobile to confront the great Italian author, starting from the coexistence of two forces in it: the unscrupulous research for linguistic innovation, and the tension towards a classicism to be reinterpreted. The courtly environment, censorship, the struggle between rule and nature (or between rules and genius), attention to theoretical issues related to literature and poetry, are the terrain of the second half of the sixteenth century’s crisis, where academic rules raised a wall around creative freedom.
With Aminta, Tasso participated in an important transformation of the theatrical space and of the social imaginary of his time. It had an extraordinary national and international success (60 editions in 70 years and translations in French, Spanish and English) which also had repercussions in other artistic expressions such as music and the visual arts.
The comparison with the rigor of the verse, therefore, becomes a creative stimulus, music the engine, in a search in which love is not the central point as a discovery, but the form that it assumes in every human being.

© photo by Brunella Giolivo