inspired by Il Soldatino di Piombo by Hans Christian Andersen dramaturgy and direction Linda Dalisi with Fabrizio Ferracane, Daniele Fior, Candida Nieri light and sound design Giuseppe Stellato stage elements Luca Dalisi set and stage props Marco di Napoli assistant director Francesca Giolivo produced by stabilemobile in collaboration with Start Interno 5 première March 17th 2012 – Napoli Start

© photo by Brunella Giolivo

Moving from Andersen’s The tin soldier, the show is a journey through the secret life of objects, through the drama of immobility and diversity, in particular that of the three protagonists: a missing leg for the Tin Soldier, isolation for the Carillon Dancer, submission to a higher power for the Devil in the spring box. By night all toys come alive and look for a blow of lightness.