freely inspired from Opinioni di un clown by Heinrich Böll dramaturgy and direction Linda Dalisi with Daniele Fior stages and costume designer Graziella Pepe music and sound design Franco Visioli light design Simone De Angelis assistant director Francesca Giolivo production Brunella Giolivo management Michele Mele produced by stabilemobile première October 16th 2010, at the Modena VIE Festival

© photo by Brunella Giolivo

Deeply inspired by Heinrich Böll’s The Clown, Linda Dalisi’s show is a monologue in which the main character loses the love of his life and therefore decides to rebel by abandoning society. The atmosphere on set is fierce, the show Misfit like a clown is a ruthless criticism against catholic and middle-class hypocrisy as well as post-war reconstruction.